Museu Aeroespacial (Aerospace Museum)

Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Av. Marechal Fontenelle, 2000 - Campo dos Afonsos
Phone: (21) 2108-8954 - (21) 2108-8955
Schedule: From Tuesday to Friday 9am - 3pm Saturday, Sunday and Holidays 9:30am -4pm

photo: Museu Aeroespacial

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"The primordial Exhibition of Brazilian Aviation."

The Aerospace Museum, opened in 1976, is part of the campus of the University of the Air Force (UNIFA) administratively subordinate to the Historical and Cultural Institute of Aeronautics since 1986.

Its mission is the preservation and dissemination of the activitiesrelated to the memory and culture of the Brazilian Air Force for future generations. Situated at Campo dos Afonsos, “Cradle of Military Aviation”, it occupies an area of 15,195 m².

On display are historical collections of aviation pioneers and the collection of aircraft of historic and technological value. The museum also has a collection of books with about five thousand specialized titles, plus a history file which includes written and printed documents, photographs, slides, negatives, videos and movies etc.

Some thematic exhibitions

The exhibition “Santos Dumont” presents the personal life of the aviator, his inventions and curiosities. “The primordial Exhibition of Brazilian Aviation” presents the first test flight, highlighting the moment Santos Dumont inaugurates the Age of Aviation with the flight of a heavier than air apparatus, the first domestic and foreign airlines; creation of the Ministry of Aviation, the first rocket probes and the satellite launching vehicle (SLV).

The Smoke Squadron exhibition brings as the centerpiece Airplane T6D-1959 that belonged to former flight leader, Colonel Arthur Braga, among others exhibitions .

Map of Localization

Line Bus: 383
Train Ramal Santa Cruz or Piracambi - Deodoro Station + Bus 917
Guided visits must be booked with one month's notice in the educative resources section

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